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Right on Time Podcast

Apr 1, 2021



[0:11] "Running a business is the greatest personal development journey you will ever go on"

[0:29] Identifying areas in your business that you need to improve on

[0:45] "You need to leverage the strengths that you have right now and marry your business model design up and your team building up with who you are and where you are right now"

[1:06] Aligning your business to where you want to be

[1:18] How to approach things to improve on in your business

[2:08] "When I'm in busy season, sometimes I get quiet and less communicative proactively with my team. Is that great? No. That's not necessarily great. Can I do better? Yes."

[2:40] Hiring someone with the mindset that complements yours

[3:53] "We cannot predict the future. What we can do is we can plan for today and we can plan for where you are going."

[4:08] African Proverb that you can apply to your business development

[4:22] Design your business strategy with where you are and where you are going in mind

[4:37] Embracing and acknowledging your business quirks