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Right on Time Podcast

Apr 24, 2020


00:08 “Things are truly Right On Time and when you step into this way of living, you’re gonna be amazed at what shows up for you.”

00:31 Where you are right now is because of the message you received and from the things you’re doing

00:52 Amber shares an amazing story when she moved to Ethiopia


Apr 17, 2020


00:20 What is a Revenue Plan?

00:55 Why is there a need to create a revenue plan for your business?

01:38 “Making your revenue plan and looking at your numbers anywhere that feels amazing to you.”

02:08 Ways to look at your numbers creatively

03:01 Strategy on how you can put your numbers in excel


Apr 15, 2020

Part of my reason for rebranding the Modern CEO Podcast as the Right on Time Podcast is the vital importance of ‘time’ when it comes to running a successful business. I want to be there to offer you the support and guidance your business needs at every step of your business journey. 

So, my question to you,...

Apr 10, 2020


00:05 What is the Right On Time Minisode

00:22 Reminder that you don’t have to apologize for being you

00:45 “Don’t be hesitant to step away if they’re not your people.”

01:09 “It’s time to do something different.”

01:14 Harper’s reminder: “If you are late for something, you are never...

Apr 8, 2020

As someone who runs multiple businesses and has put out a LOT of content talking about how to boost productivity, I know that I probably seem like someone who is constantly on the go.

But I want to let you in on a little secret.

There are times that I just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING ... let alone taking care of...