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Right on Time Podcast

May 29, 2020


00:06 “You need a new way to plan.”

00:19 Register for the Planathon at

00:30 The 3 things that you need to include in your plans

01:20 Importance of the readiness element if your business was put on hold due to the current circumstances

01:32 Adjustments in Amber’s photography...

May 21, 2020


00:20 How many projects are you trying to accomplish right now?

00:34 “What we want is to get clarity and focus so we can prioritize.”

00:45 Why is it important to only drive one car, instead of being in multiple cars at a time

00:59 “Start to consider what is the one car that you want to be driving to...

May 20, 2020

Welcome to the final installment of the four-part Modern CEO Must-Do List series on the Right on Time podcast.

That’s right -- we’ve made it to the end and we’re going to pull it ALL together in this one!

This series is one that is close to my heart, because I have not only lived the Modern CEO life for some time,...

May 13, 2020

Get excited, my friend -- we have made it to the third installment of our Modern CEO series!

In our previous episode, we talked about how to shift into a Modern CEO growth mindset. In the episode before that, I laid out the four phases of building a business -- and what you should be focusing on in each stage. 

(If you...

May 7, 2020

Running a business is ALL about adaptability.

I don’t just mean adapting to unforeseen major global events (hello, 2020!), but also adapting to the different stages of growth that a successful business will inevitably move through.

From start-up … to CEO-up.

In our last episode, I talked about what Modern CEOs...