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Right on Time Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Since the start of 2022, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the last year… and I think I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Because let me tell you, my friend, there were a LOT of milestones and lessons to be learned in 2021 — and I know I’m not the only one who had to make some changes!

As Covid-19 surges continue to lead to lockdowns and restrictions in many areas, plenty of business owners have had to DRAMATICALLY shift their business models… or even come up with entirely new revenue streams. 

But even apart from these huge shifts caused by the pandemic (which I definitely experienced with my boudoir photography business, Three Boudoir), 2021 threw Modern CEOs a few extra curveballs — including the iOS 14 update that made it harder than ever before to reach your audience through online ads.

(So if you were wondering why your campaigns last year didn’t perform as expected, you can blame Apple for that!)    

As Modern CEOs, we need to be CLEAR on our goals — and this means knowing when to take a step back and change our game plan. We need to observe changes in the market and adapt our strategies, so that our businesses can continue to grow and flourish… and that’s exactly what I did. 

In this 2-part behind-the-scenes series, I share the 2021 lessons and strategy shifts that changed the way that I do business — and how to set smart goals that will make 2022 your best year yet!

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How we adapted our programs at to offer the support that people most needed during a time of incredible change
  • Simple steps to help you come up with goals and KPIs that make sense for YOUR unique business
  • How we recovered after last year’s iOS updates rocketed our cost-per-lead up to $100!!

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00:01  Intro  

01:16  My 2021  

04:48  Keep your goal cards close

06:01  Switching up your goals

07:24  Choosing the right goals

08:57  Case study:

14:19  Dealing with the iOS update

17:02  Conversion, message strength & value

18:57  3-week road trip story

20:52  Winter photo ritual & Planathon

24:54  What we consider when making shifts

26:29  To be continued!


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